Cyber Polygon
Cyber Polygon
September 10–11, 2024
International online training for raising global cyber resilience.
Assemble a team, assess your threat investigation skills, and practice incident response scenarios
About Cyber Polygon
During the training event, organizations get to test their level of resilience to cyberattacks and exchange best practices with the global community.
Security professionals can practice their forensics, security assessment, and threat monitoring skills on BI.ZONE Cyber Polygon Platform, a web resource for individual training.
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Cyber Polygon Platform
Practice your cyber defense skills with scenarios based on real-life incidents
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Experts about Cyber Polygon
Jürgen Stock
Secretary General, INTERPOL
The Cyber Polygon events are always a fantastic opportunity to take stock of the global threat landscape we face both across the public and the private sector
Peter Maurer
President, International Committee of the Red Cross (2012-2022)
I trust that expert discussions such as at Cyber Polygon is one such platform that allows us to reduce risks and increase protections for communities
Chris McCurdy
Vice President and General Manager, IBM Security
Security culture is what we have to drive with everyone in the world to ensure safety and protection. I appreciate Cyber Polygon in driving these initiatives
Menny Barzilay
Cybersecurity Expert and Strategic Adviser
The results we have seen following this training prove just how important it is to have an established information exchange. To cope with the challenges of the future, we need to get to know each other, build a trusted environment around us and between one another
Professor Klaus Schwab
Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
The promotion of cybersecurity and technologies is of crucial importance for the world today. The pandemic has changed the world, and one of the most striking transformations has been the complete digitalization of all aspects of our lives. I think the Cyber Polygon training is one of the great initiatives to help fight crime in the digital space and increase global cyber resilience
Dmitry Samartsev
Cyberattacks today are not just about stolen money: our environment and human lives can be at risk. To prevent a crisis, it is necessary to invest in the protection of each individual company, increase cyber literacy, and develop specialty skills. This is exactly what Cyber Polygon training is for, and it has already proven to be effective. I hope that future events will bring even more value to the international community
BI.ZONE is an expert in digital risks management that helps organizations develop their business safely in cyberspace
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