Cyber Polygon 2022 to take place on July 8
Cyber Polygon 2022 to take place on July 8
February 16, 2022

Cyber Polygon is organized by BI.ZONE, an expert in digital risks management (Sber Ecosystem), with the support of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity and INTERPOL. The training is conducted on an annual basis and will take place for the fourth time in 2022. The central theme this year is Digital Resilience in the Cloud Age.

The event will consist of three parallel tracks: an online conference with the participation of top executives from global organizations, a technical cybersecurity training for corporate teams, and expert talks from leading specialists in practical cybersecurity.

Speakers from around the world will discuss how to maintain business continuity and develop safely in the cloud era. Among the invited experts are leaders of the private and public sectors from across the globe as well as representatives of international organizations.

Meanwhile, during the technical training, participants will work through the actions of a corporate response team in a targeted attack on their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“Organizations around the world are experiencing an extreme shortage of competent cybersecurity experts, reaching a deficit of several million specialists. In the meantime, cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, and cybersecurity specialists now have to focus on being proactive and continuously developing their professional skills, rather than keeping pace with criminals. We realize that sharing skills and knowledge is essential to increase the overall level of expertise worldwide. This is why we conduct Cyber Polygon, where industry professionals will exchange their experience and knowledge for the fourth consecutive year,” Stanislav Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sber.

“Last year, the event sparked so much interest that we were able to accept just a fifth of all applicants. This year, we are expanding the training infrastructure to accommodate much more companies. As usual, the training will be free of charge, and its principal goal remains the same—to strengthen cybersecurity at all levels,” Dmitry Samartsev, BI.ZONE CEO.

“INTERPOL has been an integral part of the Cyber Polygon since its inception in 2019. This partnership aligns with one of our core pillars of enhancing the capabilities of law enforcement in combating cybercrime, part of INTERPOL’s Global Cybercrime Strategy in support of our 195 member countries. We have no doubt that this year’s Cyber Polygon will provide another important milestone for us all to become more agile and responsive to the ever-evolving cybercrime in the cloud age,” Craig Jones, Director of Cybercrime, INTERPOL.

“Cyber Polygon’s cybersecurity training event helps raise awareness of cyber attacks across organisations, across borders and across the public and private sectors. The impressive year-on-year growth in the number, variety and geographical spread of Cyber Polygon’s participants shows that it is responding to a global need. Each year the exercise develops in scope and sophistication, keeping pace with evolving cyber threats, and we look forward to Cyber Polygon 2022,” Alexander Klimburg, Head of Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum.

Cyber Polygon is an international initiative between BI.ZONE and Sber. Last year, the training gathered 200 teams from 48 countries. The online conference attracted more than 7 million viewers from 78 countries. The event featured Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation; Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board at Sber; Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum; Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple Computer, and other participants.

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